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The Westside is undergoing a Community Plan Update that will determine outcomes in housing, mobility, public space and more. It’s a big opportunity to address climate change.

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Here's the deal

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More Housing

Producing more housing, especially affordable housing, will lower emissions by bringing people closer to jobs and transit. Lower Income households drive 25-30% fewer miles when living within 1/2 mile of transit, A recent USC study showed households living close to transit in the $50,000–$100,000 income group drive an average of 16.8 fewer miles per day.

Enhanced Mobility

Expanding our bike & pedestrian infrastructure will save lives and encourage reduced emissions. The Westside currently has no protected North/South bike lanes and these routes show a high concentration of severe injuries and deaths from collisions.

Cool Technology

Cool roofs and pavement can reflect 20-60% of solar energy back into space. This solar reflectivity helps reduce the urban heat island effect by storing less heat than traditional asphalt, which can contribute to as much as 22° of warming at night.


Increasing tree canopy and other shade options will reduce the effects of extreme heat and air pollution. Street trees and shade can reduce surface temperatures up to 40°, protecting people outdoors and reducing energy costs when placed near buildings.


More plant cover will help protect against flooding by increasing the permeability of the ground, allowing water to be stored, rather than pool over pavement or other impermeable surfaces.

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