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DTLA is undergoing a Community Plan Update that will determine outcomes in housing, mobility, public space and more. It’s a big opportunity to fight climate change.

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Cool Pavement

Cool pavement reduces the urban heat island effect by reflecting sunlight rather than absorbing it. The DTLA Community Plan proposes a Cool Pavement program, which will create cooler streets and decrease the need for indoor air conditioning.

Shading and Tree Cover

Shade and tree canopy can lower the surface temperature of an area by 25-40°F. The DTLA Community Plan promotes expanded shade cover and the amount of trees in DTLA with the “Street Tree Tracking” and “Pedestrian Priority District” programs, which should help improve air and water quality, reduce the heat island effect, and create a safe habitat for birds and pollinators.  

Enhanced Mobility

Promoting active and public transportation, like walking, biking, or taking the bus, and making these options safer and more accessible will improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. DTLA’s Capital Improvement Plan would address these issues by driving investment in solutions like better crosswalks, bike lanes, and transportation options.

Public Space and Urban Greening

Redeveloping brownfields, removing paved surfaces and replacing them with plants, and enhancing public open space will help capture rain and reduce temperatures in DTLA. The DTLA Community Plan addresses these issues with programs such as Brownfield Remediation, LA Riverway project, the Alley Improvements Program, and the Public Open Space program.

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