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Boyle Heights

Boyle Heights is undergoing a Community Plan Update that will determine outcomes in housing, mobility, public space and more. It’s a big opportunity to fight climate change.

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Increasing tree canopy and other shade options will reduce the effects of extreme heat and air pollution. Street trees and shade can reduce surface temperatures up to 40°, protecting people outdoors and reducing energy costs when placed near buildings. 

Cool Technology

Cool roofs and pavement can reflect 20-60% of solar energy back into space. This solar reflectivity helps reduce the urban heat island effect by storing less heat than traditional asphalt, which can contribute to as much as 22° of warming at night.

Hydration Stations

Expanding publicly available hydration stations can help reduce many heat-related health effects. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of heat exhaustion, and hydration stations can make outdoor spaces more accessible and safe to all on hot days.

Buffer zones

Creating more space between industrial sites and homes and schools will improve health outcomes. Greater distance from pollution sources allows harmful compounds to disperse more. This effect can be enhanced greatly by trees and other greenery.

Enhanced Mobility

Closing the gaps in bike & pedestrian infrastructure will save lives and encourage the curtailing of emissions. This solution should be integrated with other solutions like shade.

Affordable housing

Increasing the amount of affordable housing in Boyle Heights can help reduce displacement pressure, and ensure that residents have opportunities to avoid paying huge percentages of their income on rent. Facilitating options like social housing and community land trusts can also allow more opportunities for affordable home ownership.

Renter protections

Policies like right to purchase and right to counsel can help prevent improvements to Boyle Heights from displacing current residents. Neighborhood and home stability allow for greater social networks and communities to be built and maintained, which are pivotal in climate disruptions. 

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